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After watching the course you will be able to launch your product on Daraz and build your brand in Pakistani ecommerce market.

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Detailed Guide

  • [Mindset]-[Business Selection Framework]-[ Business Model Selection Criteria] 27min 6sec

Detailed Guide

  • [Product Selection Criteria]-[Product Hunting] 15min 44sec
  • [Sourcing and Costing with Real Case Study] 20min 25sec
  • [7 Figure Business Scaling Strategy] 25min 58sec
  • [Facebook Ads For Messaging Campaigns] 32min 59sec

Detailed Guide

  • [Product Selection Criteria and Hunting]-[Sourcing]-[7 Figure Business Scaling Strategy] 49min 32sec

Detailed Guide

  • [Introduction To Daraz]-[Daraz Basics]-[Listing Validation for Potential Check] 28min 43sec
  • [Product Hunting Part 1] 17min 35sec
  • [Product Hunting Part 2] 13min 22sec
  • [Product Hunting Part 3] 25min 20sec
  • [Product Costing and Commissions] 20min 9sec
  • [Account Creation and Verification] 15min 26sec
  • [Product Validation and Competitor Analysis Part 1] 25min 57sec
  • [Product Validation and Competitor Analysis Part 2] 26min 1sec
  • [Product Listing and Optimization] 34min 57sec
  • [ Store Decoration] 5min 17sec
  • [Ultimate Ranking Technique Part 1] 19min 38sec
  • [Ultimate Ranking Technique Part 2] 12min 11sec
  • [Ultimate Ranking Technique Part 3] 2min 59sec
  • [Ultimate Ranking Technique Part 4] 11min 55sec
  • [Vouchers and Promotional Campaigns Part 1] 12min 44sec
  • [Vouchers and Promotional Campaigns Part 2] 9min 23sec
  • [Vouchers and Promotional Campaigns Part 3] 10min 40sec
  • [Vouchers and Promotional Campaigns Part 4] 12min 27sec
  • [How to Fulfil Daraz Orders] 6min 14sec
  • [Fulfillment By Daraz (FBD) Part 1] 17min 47sec
  • [Fulfillment By Daraz (FBD) Part 2] 6min 49sec
  • [Ultimate Techniques to Become Daraz Mall Seller Part 1 ] These Strategies you can't Find Anywhere on Internet ! Guaranteed 26min 2sec
  • [Ultimate Techniques to Become Daraz Mall Seller Part 2 ] These Strategies you can't Find Anywhere on Internet ! Guaranteed 27min 59sec

Detailed Guide

  • [Session 1] 35min 22sec
  • [Session 2] 7min 36sec
  • [Session 3] 24min 21sec
  • [Session 5] 14min 17sec
  • [Session 6] 21min 25sec
  • [Session 7] 23min 5sec
  • [Session 8] 11min 23sec
  • [Session 9] 19min 58sec
  • [Session 10] 29min 26sec
  • [Session 11] 25min 13sec
  • [Session 12] 42min 20sec
  • [Session 13] 42min 20sec
  • [Session 14] 6min 2sec
  • [Session 15] 22min 24sec
  • [Session 16] 14min 2sec
  • [Session 17] 5min 54sec
  • [Session 18] 27min 0sec
  • [Session 19] 15min 24sec
  • [Session 20] 5min 14sec
  • [Session 21] 23min 20sec
  • [Session 22] 18min 30sec
  • [Session 23] 19min 9sec
  • [Session 24] 25min 43sec
  • [Session 25] 8min 2sec
  • [Session 26] 15min 44sec
  • [Session 27] 15min 44sec

Detailed Guide

  • [Session 1] 19min 4sec
  • [Session 2] 18min 37sec
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Hamza Ali

Digital Marketer

This is Hamza Ali, a professional digital marketer, and ecommerce strategist


5 stars 18 ratings
  • Ashan Khan


    Such a valuable content 👍I would highly recommend the students who are Interesting in Facebook Ads, Shopify Dropshipping business from scratch to advanced level strategies and local ecommerce business like daraz or your own store. I have learned alot from sir hamza.

  • Ahmed Alam


    I am already his student and he is delivering the best content. I would recommend this course to all students who want to learn and to earn. Sir hamza great mentor and highly recommended and explain everything about e commerce bussiness 💓

  • Ahsan Irfan


    I usually take 5,10 courses a month. Different domains as I am a leanring enthusiast. I am hard to impress and since most of the strategies i know abt different stuff i seldom get surprised and excited to listen. Hamza bhai us ine of those ppl who gains respect in his own way. A silent mentor with a strong desire to deliver. Just a 10,000 pkr to ask is in itself free. I must say i learned fb ads from him despite taken two courses before which I never cared to review He deserves a lot.. Thank you @Hamza Ali

  • Gull Zaman


    Thank you hamza bhai for today's informative session. My mind is blown. Thank you for valuable strategies.. Looking forward to learn more from you

  • Tanveer Iqbal


    I have attend the sessions from different teachers but I bit sir hamza is the best mentor and a great teacher.. Recommend every one who keen to learn...

  • Muhammad Mukarram Javaid


    Very Experienced very kind very humble and above all a person full of knowledge

  • Ahsan Ali


    I am not a kind of person that usually put reviews for anything however this person has real knowledge and really know his things. At first i was scared to buy his first course of Shopify Dropshipping but after watching all the sessions i am pretty satisfied and highly recommend that course too. Now for daraz seller course i am 200% sure that i will learn A to Z every thing with support of hamza bhai on every step and on every difficulty. So i recommend everyone to give it a shot😊

  • Muhammad Jaudat Snai


    Very Good way of teaching, I really appreciate Mr.Hamza for his convincing teaching style.

  • Asim Zaeem


    I am a student of Hamza’s Facebook ads course, trust me I have never seen such a convincing teaching style as he has, he really takes pain for his students and honestly wants to impart his knowledge. I highly recommend his courses. I will surely register in his Daraz course soon. Those who make fun, just listen to one of his demo videos on his site, I bet your entire perception will change

  • Mahanoor Khan


    This is a good course.... thoroughly detailed and informative... recommended...

  • Malik Adil


    Highly recommend...One of the best teacher's I have ever met

  • Farrukh Abbas


    Great man with great knowledge, Highly recommended

  • Umar Riaz


    good course detailed instructions best methods ❤️highly recommended

  • Raqeeb Khan


    Love the way you teach. Highly recommended

  • Arif Waseem


    Highly recommend He is such a great Instructor I learned alot from him Thank you Hamza Ali for giving such a precious course But but we have to learn and practice @ our own

  • Jaffer Bhojani


    Very humble teacher Sir Hamza and the way of his example are very professional. This course is very informative and the way of teaching are awesome . Thumbs up Sir Hamza Ali

  • Muhammad Umar


    Hamza bhai I am fan of your examples. This course is ❤.

  • Tahir Saeed


    Highly recommended course... i bought these courses videos that is very beneficial and earning a good amount just after 20 days. Nicely Explained.💯👍

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  • Daraz Seller - Launch & Rank
  • Strategic Marketer
  • Facebook Advertiser
  • Influencer Marketer

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